Josie does
proofreading, copy-editing, copywriting, read-throughs, ethics...



I am a skilled proofreader, editor and copywriter who enjoys working with texts across a range of topics. I have particular experience in academic proof-reading, including PhD and Masters theses, as well as articles for submission to journals. My professional training in philosophy, combined with my lifelong love of language, means that I am skilled in creating clear, persuasive texts that get right to the heart of what's being communicated.I really enjoy working with my clients to make their writing more impactful, meaningful, and beautiful. 

I specialise in working with those for whom English is an additional language, as well as providing read-throughs and edits for style, form, internal consistency, and ethical sensitivity (including signposting to more appropriate sensitivity readers where necessary). I cater for most budgets, and am always happy to negotiate within reason (particularly for interesting projects!). 

I am also an accomplished art writer and contributing editor at New Socialist.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements. I'd love to work with you! 

Selected recent copywriting experience.

  • Catalogue text for a forthcoming solo show by Silja Strøm at Listasavn Føroya

  • Foreword for forthcoming collection of comic strips by Canadian artist Jillian Fleck

  • Commissioned text for artist Emily Speed in collaboration with 38b Gallery, Peckham

  • Academic biography for designer/critic Karina Westermann

  • Tailored blog posts and copy for a number of private clients

  • Successful grant writing and funding bid experience in both arts and academic contexts

Selected recent proofreading experience.

  • Ongoing consultancy and editorial support for a forthcoming collaborative arts project led by Emily Speed.

  • 17,000 word book of collected art writing and critical essays, for Arts Council England-funded exhibition project Are We All Addicts Now?

  • Various academic journal articles, on topics ranging from philosophy to social work.

  • Undergraduate essays—proofreading and tutorial support, specialising in humanities-based work.

  • Postgraduate theses—both masters and doctoral level, 20-100,000 words, across disciplines and contexts, including:

    • usability in software engineering (for UK-based international student)

    • computer science (for UK-based international student)

    • logging in western Russia (for US-based student)

    • French comics (for UK-based international student)

    • the sociology of political activism in Spain (for UK-based international student)

    • the construction of bodies in medieval texts (University of Oxford student)