My work.

My work inhabits the liminal spaces between philosophy, poetics, fine art, and performance. It might take the form of texts, secret rituals, artist's books, found objects, academic papers, conversations, walks, knitting, photography, political action, sound/music, or something else entirely. Things I've made are held in public and private collections, including Tate Britain Library and Archive, and the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England. 

I've been engaged with deep academia for a while, but this page offers an overview of some of the art-adjacent things I've done. Recently my work has become far more text-based/immaterial and difficult to document, so the gallery below represents only a small, and quite historic, portion of my practice. More and better updates to come, one hopes!

A list of selected works.

2018 Untitled (forthcoming). Text commissioned by Silja Strøm for a forthcoming exhibition at Listasavn Føroya, the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands.
2016  unselfing: six self portraits. PDF zine: photographs, short reflexive essay. 12pp.
2015. Dwelling in a world that is immense. Text. Excerpt from a longer paper, published as part of WORK/SPACE by Emily Speed & Paul Heppell, Oriel Wrecsam, Wales.
2015 the gingerbread cottage and the edible city. Text commissioned by Emily Speed and 38b Peckham, published in Speed's The Cake Book.
2014 Something happened. Site-responsive installation, alongside Silja Strøm, in an abandoned croft in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire. Stickers, paper, dry transfer lettering, found objects.
2013  tiny birds—winter tapes 05/06. Small music recorded in/echoing the depth of winter, released 8 years later. 
2013 Truth, Trace, Meeting, Meaning. Text commissioned by Silja Ström and Lauren McGhee for their exhibition 100 Paintings, Studio 41, Glasgow.
2012  the institute of everyday phenomenologyPaper zine documenting ~6 months of interconnected practices. Inkjet on paper, red cotton pamphlet binding, A5, 12pp.
2012 the word 'snow'. A small object exploring the concept of words as containers. Balsa wood, paper, inkjet printing, 4x3cm.
2012  the gift/the artist is absent. Fruitmarket Bookshop, Edinburgh. Copies of being, in the world were hidden inside significant books, waiting to be discovered and taken home.
2012 Five moments in 2012. A series of secret performances and invisible rituals exploring the interrelations of inside and outside, performance and being, moment and history.
2012 being, in the world. Tiny paper zine about the journey from inside to outside, enclosed in a brown envelope, and sealed with a custom-printed sticker. A7.
2011  An Island. Screenprint on paper, commissioned by the Centre for Fine Print Research for The Blue Notebook Vol. 5 Issue 1
2010  lost & found. Artist's book describing a few things I've lost and found over the years. Typewritten text and inkjet on paper, black cotton stab stitch binding, 10x5cm.
2009  STILLS. Artist's book, a collection of textual 'images'. Letterpress and inkjet on paper and tracing-paper, red cotton pamphlet binding, 10x10cm.
2009 Bird. Cut newspaper, an attempt to turn the financial pages into something beautiful.
2009  Breathing Space: Listening Exercise #1A 15 minute sound piece commissioned by the Antepress collective for their Digestives radio show on Resonance FM. Listen here.
2009 Any Other City. Artist's book, about cities and how they feel. Polaroids and text, inkjet on paper, card covers, black pamphlet binding. A6.
2009 The Book Transformed. Text commissioned for the catalogue of Micro-Pages, a touring exhibition of books on microfilm.
2009 Dumb Objects. Text commissioned by Emily Speed for the exhibition Dumb Objects at Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool.
2008 The Nest. Artist's book containing a short story about presence, absence, memory, forgetting, and connection. Inkjet on paper, green card covers, cream silk stab stitch binding.

Education, training.

2017 University of York MA Women's Studies (Humanities). Distinction. 
         Thesis: Wilful Love: on creating a feminist ethic of love in a patriarchal culture of abuse. Supervisor: Dr Clare Bielby.
2015 University of Dundee MA(Hons) Philosophy, First Class Honours, Scots Philosophical Association Prize, Philosophy Prize.
         Dissertation: Constant Inconstance: towards an account of the metaxú in process-relational philosophy. Supervisor: Professor James Williams.
2012 Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee Two elective modules from the Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practice course, studying with Edwin Janssen.

Conferences, events.

2015 The Modernist Short Story, University of Dundee. Paper title: "now they hovered at the edge": some notes on the importance of silence to ethics.
2015 SEPFEP annual conference, University of Dundee. Paper title: No Frontiers: undoing 'the imperialism of theory' with the help of Weil and Whitehead. 
2014 Sharing the World, University of Bristol A one-day workshop led by Luce Irigaray, Michael Marder, and Judith Still.
2011 BABE (Bristol Artists' Book Event), Bristol: exhibitor.
2009 Doverodde Book Arts Festival, Doverodde, Denmark: exhibitor & retreat participant.

Editing, proofreading, etc. 

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